If you have a smart phone, you already have an e-reader. A smart phone
is any phone with Android, Symbian, Windows, or an iPhone.

The easiest way to get Kindle on your phone is to go to www.amazon.com
(or www.amazon.co.uk) and join up. You need your

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e-mail address, your
credit card and a password. You need a user name, but it need not be
your real name.

Amazon has an extremely good record of keeping credit cards secure. It
will accept a regular credit card or a pre-paid one like the O2 money

Browse through the Kindle store, see what books you like. You can
search for specific books (like “Don’t Feed the Fairies”) or for
authors, or genres. You can also search by price, lowest to highest,
which will give you list of e-books which are free or extremely cheap.
Click “buy” on the books you fancy.

Then turn on your phone, and go to the Android market, OviStore or
ApStore. Search for Kindle, and download it. It’s a free ap. Once it’s
installed, it will ask for your e-mail address and password. Put those
in, and all the books you bought on the computer will automatically
download to your phone, ready for you to read.

You can set the size of text you want, the background colour, how
bright you want the screen, to your own preferences. Then read your
book. Touch the right side of the screen to turn to the next page, the
left side to go back a page. When you stop reading, your phone will
remember exactly where you stopped and restart at that point.

Happy reading

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