That it’s possible to spend an entire weekend without sleep if the company is good

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That Gareth Kavanagh and the rest of the Octocon committee obviously never sleep.

That The Swarm is the worst movie ever. “Bees, bees, millions of bees….”

That the Camden Court Hotel clearly think Caroline McCall and I are very very VERY close friends.

That you should read outside your own genre to enrich your writing in your genre.

That Sarah Rees Brennan is a reading machine. Mention a book, any book, and she’s read it.

That online stalkers exist and are coming to a library near you.

That the Red Shoes fairy tale is one of the nastiest horror stories around.

That there are enough free books on the net to keep anyone happy. Pay for the ones that are not being offered for free. Writers need to eat too.

That women can’t write Science fiction because they insist on putting in (shudder) relationships.

That Italian movies about pissing are hilarious.

That the city is a really bad place to be if there’s an apocalypse. You’ll get hit by a bomb, or eaten by a zombie, or infected with the plague, and you’ll run out of food very quickly.

That Ireland was the only country in Europe not decimated by the Black Death – because we lived in the country and drank water from streams. Savages.

That even the big name writers have been rejected.

That Hell in Wexford Street make seriously good pizza.

That Dave Lally is clearly Peter Pan’s brother.

That Peadar O’Guillin can talk for hours on end and keep a smile on his face.

That Ruth Long has gorgeous children.

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