Don't Eat the Earthlings (The Cytolene Chronicles, #2)

Don’t Eat the Earthlings (The Cytolene Chronicles #2)


It’s the intergalactic mission from hell – first contact with a species she’d rather eat. Cytolene thought the Earthlings would be pleased to see her. After all, she is bringing news that they’re not alone in the universe, and friendship with the technologically advanced people of Eris.

But nothing goes according to plan on this mudball of a planet. Not only is she forbidden to snack on human energy, but the natives aren’t as friendly as she was expecting. And when a wave of grisly murders sweeps through San Diego, the humans believe that she’s blown her diet.

Then there’s her love life. You’d think with having three boyfriends that one of them would be talking to her, but the humans have suddenly turned… well, human, and the Erisian wants to go home.

But that’s only the start of her problems. Cytolene discovers that some other nasty aliens are interested in Earth, and she’s the only one who can stop them.