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#irishshadesofgrey “Deeper, Sean, deeper,” she urged. “Will you shut up, Bridgit, I know how to plant potatoes”.


She grasped it in her hand again and pulled harder til the head overflowed with cream. “€4.50 for the Guinness” she said #irishshadesofgrey

He dipped two fingers inside the moist core of her body…and then turned to the farmer, ‘nearly ready to calve…’ #irishshadesofgrey

Mary slowly parted her lips & slid out her tongue, she had waited days for this… She loved getting Communion at mass #irishshadesofgrey

He kept going down.. down.. all the way down……. and ended up in Cork #IrishShadesofgrey

Teresa squeezed her fingers against it. Twas firm. She squeezed again and took a sniff.Yes ,this Brennans bread was fresh #irishshadesofgrey

Her underwear was wet

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as he pulled the rope.. There’s great drying outside today she thought as the clothes line hoisted #Irishshadesofgrey

Mary’s mouth watered as his thrusts quickened…..but he still couldn’t open the CapriSun with his straw #Irishshadesofgrey

“I want you to tie me down for 18 months and treat me like dirt,” she said. The man from Vodafone got the contract out… #IrishShadesOfGrey

Mary’s inner goddess smiled as she felt the hot liquid hit the back of her neck. Jaysus, she really did love a cup of tea #Irishshadesofgrey

You’re so tight,he said, I’m from Cavan she replied #irishshadesofgrey

She opened her mouth and got ready to take it… The communion wafer at mass this week was tense. #irishshadesofgrey


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The creamy liquid gushing down her throat, she slowly wiped her lips, looked up and muttered, “that’s a grand pint” #irishshadesofgrey

He asked if she could handle more than one finger. She said she preferred Hob Nobs or a purple Schnack with the tea #irishshadesofgrey

#IrishShadesOfGrey He slipped his hand under the red silk.. “You’re so beautiful in that dress.” “Feck off, it was only a euro in Penneys!”

‘Give it to me, give it to me’, he roared aggressively. Some days Mary hated working at Ulster Bank #irishshadesofgrey

Bríd’s knees were sore and her throat was raw…This was the longest Novena she’d ever attended #irishshadesofgrey

‘Spread ’em’, he said gruffly. Margie looked dolefully at the bags of fertilizer destined for the back field. #irishshadesofgrey

He took a breath. “Will ya come back to mine? Mammy’s gone to Lough Derg for the weekend. And she left a pot of stew.” #irishshadesofgrey

Do you have protection she whispers… I’ve a baseball bat in the back but those lads haven’t been around here in a while #irishshadesofgrey

“I’ve met a man” cried Bríd. “Is he well read?” asked her mother. “Very red” she answered “from his head to his bo**ix” #irishshadesofgrey

I want good head, he barked roughly. Demanding. The barmaid took back the pint and thought ‘little prick’. #irishshadesofgrey

He slurped his tea and licked his lips, his bacon & cabbage now in his belly. Firing him up. “brace yerself Bridie” #irishshadesofgrey

Her fake tan glowed like the traffic light. He never thought he would be interested in someone in the Orange Order. #irishshadesofgrey

“The room was lit by the soft glow of a Superser as the strains of Crystal Swing filled the room..The mood was set” #irishshadesofgrey

He took a deep breath. “Will ya come back to mine? Mammy’s gone to Knock for the weekend.” #irishshadesofgrey

“Are you sure this is the right stuff?” she asked as he bound her wrists with bright blue baling twine “It’s very itchy” #irishshadesofgrey

He took deep breaths, prepared to slip inside. “Sorry bud, ye’re not comin’ in here wit dem runners!”, said the bouncer. #irishshadesofgrey

Mildred giggled coquettishly. Pushing Sean’s hands away she leaped out of bed, to turn John Paul II face to the wall. #irishshadesofgrey

“I drank in the tightness of its skin. How firm, yet soft, it was. He breathed, wild, to my ear “Can’t bate new schpuds”. #irishshadesofgrey

He caresses her and says, ‘you’ve got fookin’ gorjus pajamas.’ ‘Oi you two,’ the bouncer interrupts, ‘ge’ ourra here.’ #irishshadesofgrey

The Irish catholic guilt thing sweeps over her as he gazes upon her like a big mac about to be devoured. #irishshadesofgrey

“Finally he lets me gaze on it. A giant that called to a bit of me I’d never felt. “Now this”, he growls, “is a tractor”. #irishshadesofgrey

“Dark, penetrating eyes seem to anticipate my desires before I feel them. “I’ve a bag of tayto in the press” he murmurs”. #irishshadesofgrey

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