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Things I learned from Judge Judy

16.  Think before you text, post on Facebook or e-mail. Once it’s in writing, it’s permanent, and you never know when it’s going to reappear in court. And your little pet names for your boss and your strange spelling will be revealed to the world.

15.  If you have a dog, or a child, you are responsible for what they do. Keep them on a leash.

14.  There is no case so stupid that someone won’t take it to court.

13.  If you tell the truth, you don’t need to have a good memory. If you tell lies, you’ll eventually get caught.

12.  A contract doesn’t have to be in writing, but it does involve two people agreeing to it. One person saying “You have to pay me back,” does not make a contract.

11.  Don’t lend money to friends. Chances are you will lose the money and the friend. If they need it, and you can afford it, give it as a gift.

10.  Don’t sue your children. Even if they don’t pay rent or tidy their room, suing them won’t make for happy family relationships.

9.  You know when teenagers are lying? When their mouths are moving. Do not assume that the story your child tells you is the truth.

8.  A child has the right to the love and support of both parents. Just because you hate his guts, you shouldn’t badmouth the other parent, or mess about with custody or child support.

7.  Don’t bail anyone out of jail. Okay, perhaps your husband or your child, but that’s it. Definitely not friends of friends or new boyfriends.

6.  Don’t have boyfriends who need to get bailed out. Don’t move in with men who have a criminal record. Don’t have babies with them.

5.  Get your own flat, no matter how tiny it is. If you share a flat with anyone, make sure your name is on the lease, and pay by cheque or get a receipt for all rent payments.  Agree in writing how the utility bills will be paid.

4.  You cannot put your hands on anyone else. No matter how annoying they are, what names they call you, as soon as you lift your hand, you’re in the wrong.

3.  Don’t have more children than you can afford. If you do have children, collect cans or wash dishes if necessary to make money to support them.

2.  Get a job. Everyone has to work.

And the number one thing I learned from Judge Judy

1.  Beauty fades, dumb is forever.

Laid Back Nursing

Laid Back Nursing

There’s some great news in breastfeeding. For years, we’ve been doing it wrong.

Okay, not wrong – there is no wrong way to breastfeed. But we’ve been doing it the hard way. And along the way, an awful lot of women have decided that breastfeeding is just too much hardship, and stopped before they really wanted to.

The good news is that there is a much easier way. It works, it involves far less hassle and anxiety, and everyone gets to enjoy life a lot more.

Remember all those instructions about sitting up straight, with a cushion under your elbow, and your foot raised, and a pillow under the baby, then lining everything up, nose to nipple, and finally worrying about the shape of the baby’s mouth? All that stuff is gone.

Instead, take all those pillows, put them behind your back and shoulders, so that you are lying back comfortably, as if you are going to watch television on the couch or read in bed. Then put the baby face down on your stomach or between your breasts, and just leave her to it.

Suzanne Colson’s remarkable work on Biological Nurturing discovered that babies, even new born babies, are well able to find their own way to the breast, and then latch themselves on perfectly. All those flailing hand and leg movements that we tried to curtail are necessary for the baby to find the nipple, and then make her way onto it.

So put your baby down, allow her to feel and sniff her way to your nipple, and let her latch herself on. You can support her feet if necessary, and provide a soothing voice or back rub, but don’t try to force her along. She’ll get there on her own.

This is also great news for anyone who has had a Caesarian section. You can arrange yourself comfortably, and let the baby approach from the side or even over your shoulder.

With this approach, women find that they don’t have to make the baby latch on properly. She does it herself quite naturally, so there is none of the anxiety about checking the latch or

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the Special K mouth.

Obviously, this is not the only way to breastfeed, and you might get a cool reception if you tried a bit of laid back nursing in your local coffee shop. It works best when you have somewhere private and comfortable and there are no time constraints. But for the early days, you can’t beat it.

This video shows a new born baby finding his own way to the breast and latching on. And if that poor mother had a bit of support under her, it would have been even easier.


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