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Just who is the tamer? And who will be tamed?

Summer O’Sullivan is rich, beautiful, headstrong – and in mortal danger. Her father has powerful enemies who are targeting his precious daughter. Until the threat passes, Summer must tolerate a bodyguard.

Into Summer’s gilded cage comes former army ranger, Flynn Grant. Flynn is just as unenthusiastic about the assignment – minding the spoilt daughter of a billionaire is his idea of hell.

Unsurprisingly, the sparks fly between them. Even his devastating looks do not make up for how Flynn’s rules cramp Summer’s style. When Summer misbehaves once too often, Flynn teaches her a lesson that leaves her shattered – and binds them together in a way that astonishes them both. In their secret hiding place they embark on a battle of wills that stretches minds, bodies – andhearts – beyond every limit.

But when the dark forces that have been stalking Summer finally track her down, the battle is no longer a game, but a matter of life and death …