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High Fiber, low cal muffins

1 egg
1 tablespoon protein powder (casein is great here)
2 tablespoons fine milled bran
1 tablespoon psyllium husk
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
3 tablespoons cold water.

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Divide into four or six small muffins. I use a child”s silicon muffin mold to make six, or a normal size to make four.
Bake in a pre-heated oven, at 220 (gas 7) for 12-14 minutes.

You can make a chocolate version by using cocoa powder instead of the protein powder and adding sweetener to taste.

A Dangerous Deception – Chapter One

Chapter One

Robert looked at the sea of dancers and wished himself somewhere – anywhere — else. It was his first formal London ball for years and he was not ready. Not ready to look for a wife. And he was definitely not ready to look for a blackmailer.

Before him, the elite of England twirled, watched, dissected and gossiped. Lady Clane’s ball was a highlight of the social calendar, and it was the last place he wanted to be.  Right now, he would pay half his fortune to be back in Mostrim, supervising lambing season.

“Don’t stand there gawking like a great lummox,” Louisa hissed as she shoved him ahead of her. “Go and greet Lord and Lady Clane.” Obediently, he moved forward in the receiving line. It was galling, but in this environment, his young sister knew more than he did.

Now that she has secured his promise to expose her blackmailer, Louisa had reverted to her natural gaiety and once again looked like a fashionable young matron of the ton. Beside her well-groomed daintiness, Robert felt huge and clumsy.

He greeted his hosts, a comfortable middle-aged couple who urged him to dance with their daughter. Bowing over Lady Clane’s hand reminded him of another complaint.

Louisa had dismissed all his clothes as countrified and ordered a complete new wardrobe for him. She had also sent her husband’s valet to get him ready for this ball. The result was a gruelling four hours being shaved, cropped, buffed, polished, creamed and perfumed, before being stuffed into clothes so uncomfortable they were a form of torture.

His neck cloth had been starched and folded before being tied into a complicated knot around shirt points that jabbed him in the chin when he moved his head. His ridiculously expensive coat was so closely tailored that he could not put it on without the assistance of two servants. He was afraid to take a deep breath in case he ripped it.

Louisa’s “Well, it’s an improvement,” hadn’t inspired Robert with confidence and now he was facing the dragons of the ton.

The ballroom was huge, and lit by an impressive number of chandeliers, A small orchestra on a platform at one end of the room provided the music for the twirling dancers, while the older people sat around the walls in gossiping groups, or disappeared to the card room.  The heat of the room carried the scent of wax, perfume and sweat to his nose.

The dancers, he noticed with a sinking heart, were much more adept than the ones he was used to. And – he frowned – the women were showing a lot more bosom than was proper. Even the unmarried débutantes in white wore dresses which were extremely low cut. The older, married ladies were worse. Some of them looked in danger of falling out of their gowns.

Somewhere in this multitude was Louisa’s blackmailer, and she expected him to uncover him. He had no idea where to start.

Louisa pulled him over to a group of ladies and made introductions. He knew he would never remember them all, but recognised some of the titles from political debates. He bowed and said the right things.

“Mostrim has finally realised he needs a countess,” Louisa announced. He narrowed his eyes at her, promising retribution later. “So I would be grateful if you could recommend someone suitable.”

“The Lingford girl,” two of the ladies said at once. One of them gestured to the floor, where a white clad beauty pirouetted gracefully and curtsied to her partner.

“Isabelle Lingford,” Louisa told him. “Excellent family, good portion, a beauty, no scandals and no likelihood of any. And more suitors than you can shake a stick at.”

Robert couldn’t take his eyes off the girl on the floor. Her blonde hair shone under the candle light, her mouth formed a perfect Cupid’s bow when she smiled at her partner, and her feet barely touched the floor. She was perfection.

“Introduce me,” he ordered Louisa., all thoughts of blackmail deserting him.

“Yes, my lord. Of course, my lord.” But she led him towards the rank of chaperones and made for one who was swathed in a dismal wrapping of beige silk. A pair of frosty grey eyes watched their approach from beneath a huge mob cap.

“Miss Beaton, may I introduce my brother, Lord Mostrim.” Louisa smiled at the woman and received a small smile in return. Robert didn’t get so much as a twitch of the lips.

Just as he straightened up from his bow – coat still intact – the music ended and Miss Lingford’s partner returned her to her chaperone.

“What a happy surprise,” Louisa exclaimed. She turned to the girl. “My brother has been admiring you from afar,” and she made the introduction.

Robert smiled and bowed over her hand. Miss Lingford smiled and gazed at him with extraordinary blue eyes, framed by lashes so lush they looked too heavy to lift. She flicked open her fan and peeped at him over it. “My lord, I am delighted to make your acquaintance,” she murmured. Even her voice was perfect.

“May I have the honour of the next dance?” he asked, forgetting all his qualms about his ability.

“Miss Lingford’s card is full,” the chaperone informed him, in a voice that dripped ice.

“Oh no, dear Clara, look.” Miss Lingford held out her card. “I had promised Captain Staples the next dance, but his wound was paining him, so I’m free.” She smiled up at Robert, who held out his arm to her and led her onto the floor without waiting for permission.

Fortunately for him, it was a country dance, one he knew well and could perform without embarrassing himself. As he expected, Isabelle danced beautifully, making the steps look easy.

“You dance like an angel,” he told her.

She smiled him. “It’s so easy when one has a strong partner who can perform all the lifts so easily. I vow, sir, I don’t need to worry that you might drop me.”

Unfortunately for him, country dances involved frequent passage down the line, spins and exchanges of partner, so did not allow for conversation. He had only exchanged half dozen sentences with her when the dance ended.

Isabelle’s chaperone barely grunted at him when he returned her charge to her. “Now you may be gone, sir.” She turned her attention to Isabelle.

“Are you inspecting her?” Robert asked in astonishment. “Do you think I pinched her or something?”

The chaperone flicked him a glance. “One never knows with gentlemen. They will take the most unwarranted liberties at any opportunity.”

Robert straightened his shoulders and looked down his nose at the besom. “I assure you I know how to behave like a gentleman.”

“Knowing how, and doing it are two separate things,” she told him, urging Isabelle into her seat.

Robert ignored her and turned to Isabelle. “Miss Lingford, may I have the privilege of another dance?”

Isabelle didn’t get a chance to open her mouth. “Absolutely not,” declared the dragon. “One dance is quite sufficient. Any more would draw unwanted attention. Sir, you may depart.”

Stung, Robert bowed to the older woman but asked “Miss Lingford, may I fetch you something to drink?”

Isabelle blushed and agreed. Before she could speak, the chaperone said “She will have an orgeat, and I will have a glass of champagne.” Her tone left no room for argument.

The orgeat was easy, a passing footman provided that, but the champagne was more difficult. By the time he got back, Isabelle was gone.

“Where is she?” he asked, feeling foolish, standing there with the drinks.

“Where do you think? She’s dancing.” Miss Beaton radiated satisfaction. She held out her hand for her champagne. He handed it over, and reluctantly took the seat beside her. He would give Isabelle her orgeat when she returned.

He searched the crowds of dancers and spotted her immediately. Her beauty enveloped her like a bubble of light. Devil take it, she was smiling up at her partner as if he was the only man in the room. Robert’s hand tightened around his glass.

“Who is he?” he asked abruptly.


“That lout she is dancing with.”

“That lout is Lord Thomas Packenham.”

“A younger son.”

“The key word is young. He is a much more appropriate age for her.”

“What?” He bristled in outrage. “Are you implying I’m too old?”

She looked him up and down, like a dealer at a horse fair eyeing a dubious nag. “You can scarcely claim to be in the first flush of youth, my lord. Why, you must be close to forty.”

“I’m thirty four,” he snapped.

“One would never have guessed.”

Robert had never hit a woman in his life, not even Louisa at her most aggravating, but he was sorely tempted now. He forced himself to look away and focused on Isabelle instead. Instantly he felt better. Just the sight of her calmed him and raised his spirits.

As she passed down the dance, Isabelle caught sight of him sitting with the chaperones, and smiled at him.

“She’s so beautiful,” he said.

“For all the good it will do you,” she said cryptically.

Robert turned to glare at her. “I thought your job was to encourage her to make a good match?” He knew that Lady Clane had been encouraging him, not for his broad shoulders, but for Mostrim’s broad acres.

She didn’t bother to look at him. All he could see beneath the monstrous cap was a sharp chin, so unlike Isabelle’s delicate features. “My job is to keep her safe until she gets married. Your feelings are not my concern.”

The music ended and her partner returned Isabelle to where they sat. “Miss Lingford, your orgeat,” Robert said as he handed over the now tepid drink.

She smiled at him and thanked him prettily, but before he could reply, the chaperone said “You’ve done your job. Now be gone, sir. You’ve paid her enough attention for one night.”

Reluctantly, Robert left them and went to find his sister. The dragon would not keep him away from the beautiful Isabelle, he vowed.


Comments on "A Dangerous Deception"

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Livvie Thomas

  • Tuesday 11 October, 2011, 10:40 PM

    Great characterisation – you have the knack of creating people we can easily see in our mind”s eye. And the dialogue is snappy. A good read. You”re very versatile, Eileen.

    #32Report this comment

  • Emma Butler
    Tuesday 11 October, 2011, 10:07 AM

    I think you”ve nailed this, from the conversation and language to just about everything else. I love the way you present the social scene because it just reminds me of F Scott Fitzgerald, it has that same cutting edge that he had. Then you use the word lummox in the first few paragraphs and its just perfect. You”ve nailed the characters

    #31Report this comment

  • Maggie Pican
    Monday 10 October, 2011, 8:37 PM

    Really easy to read and some nice humour, I wanted to read more…

    #30Report this comment

  • Sonya Lipczynska
    Monday 10 October, 2011, 7:35 PM

    I absolutely loved this, from the fish out of water hero to his skirmish with Miss Beaton (she”s totally the heroine of this isn”t she? I hope so!) Your writing and historical detail drew me right in and I look forward to reading more of this. Best of luck with the competition.

    #29Report this comment

  • Alison Lodge
    Monday 10 October, 2011, 10:42 AM

    This is a very intriguing first chapter indeed. I am looking forward to seeing more.

    #28Report this comment

  • Sabine Muir
    Saturday 08 October, 2011, 9:47 PM

    Great opening chapter, Eileen.
    I felt that I was there. I look forward to reading the rest of the story.
    Good luck with your entry.

    #27Report this comment

  • Tora Williams
    Thursday 06 October, 2011, 9:45 PM

    Intriguing first chapter. Like other commenters, I get the feeling the heroine might be the chaperone, which would be a great twist. You”ve set the scene beautifully, without overloading the reader with historical detail. Good luck!

    #26Report this comment

  • Eileen Gormley
    Wednesday 05 October, 2011, 9:16 PM

    You ladies are far too astute. You must ace whodunnits.

    Thank you for all the great comments.

    #25Report this comment

  • Helen Kolacevic
    Wednesday 05 October, 2011, 7:13 PM

    Because I loved this so much I don”t want to give too much critique! It”s funny and intrguing as is. Where you could improve is the hero”s voice (in my opinion… Lol) Your descriptions could reflect his personality more. I”d like to see him reacting to the party, instead of a general description of the party? You have a fast pace and the descrptions are to the point – which I apprecIate! – but they could be used to show his personality more. I love the premise and I think it”s a great set up! Your writing is clear and enjoyable to read! Best of luck to you!

    #24Report this comment

  • Rosy Gilmore
    Wednesday 05 October, 2011, 6:42 PM

    I really enjoyed this – but hope the chaperon is the heroine! Isabelle too perfect too young but the chaperon was brilliant, loved her! Really fun to read. Good luck!

    #23Report this comment

  • Jennifer Daugherty
    Tuesday 04 October, 2011, 1:38 AM

    This was one of the better stories I have read. There were a few minor grammatical errors, but those could easily be fixed. From your comment about things not being what they seemed, I am thinking Isabelle isn”t the heroine. The problem is that “misleading” the audience in a short entry contest might not work. I might have made it clear who the heroine was in the summary just so the audience can get a good idea of the story in this format and judge it. Of course, Chapter 2 might do that if it chosen.

    #22Report this comment

  • Paula Ryan
    Monday 03 October, 2011, 8:46 PM

    Great research to set the period and all so very well fed in to give historical flavour. I loved the blackmail line in the first paragraph which acted as the hook to keep me reading. I liked the relationship between Louisa and Robert too, warm and funny. Miss Beaton is brilliantly acidic.

    Like others I have no idea who the heroine is as Isabella didn”t really grab me. Robert has promise as the hero though and I”m certainly interested as to where you take him next!

    A well written first chapter!

    #21Report this comment

  • Kay Ally
    Saturday 01 October, 2011, 11:13 PM

    What a beautifully written chapter! The way in which you describe everything really brings the period to life! Best of luck!

    #20Report this comment

  • anita morris
    Thursday 29 September, 2011, 10:28 PM

    I felt myself drawn into this story straight away. I could almost feel myself in Regency London with al the Lords and Ladies. I like the sound of your hero. Looking forward to hearing more. You have a lovely quick writing style, refreshing. Good luck with the competition

    #19Report this comment

  • Thursday 29 September, 2011, 2:30 PM

    Beautifully written and I can see you”ve done a lot of research for this. I loved the Earls character – you”ve made him very likeable.

    Again I”d echo what the others have said in that I wasn”t sure who his heroine was. I thought the descriptions were great but perhaps getting them to meet sooner and having a section from her point of view would have made it more obvious and allowed the reader to get to know her.

    I really do like the feel of your story though and I”m very intrigued by the blackmail.

    All in all still a great chapter and I would read on.

    #18Report this comment

  • Eileen Gormley
    Wednesday 28 September, 2011, 9:29 PM

    All I can say is that you lot are sharp! And thank you for the comments.

    #17Report this comment

  • Wednesday 28 September, 2011, 5:36 PM

    Beautifully written, you had me caught until the last words…It seemed to rush by!

    I”d agree with some of the other comments, I”m not sure who the heroine is though, and 34 wouldn”t be that old, especially when he”s an Earl. Unless he is poor I suppose. The blackmail was really intriguing.

    A great chapter!

    #16Report this comment

  • Marika Mohan
    Tuesday 27 September, 2011, 10:03 PM

    Mostrim seems like a down to earth sort of earl. I liked him. He seems to have fallen for the first girl he met. I”m not quite sure why the dragon of a chaperone was so annoyed with him because an earl would be a far better catch for a young Regency gel than an impoverished younger son, don”t you think? Mostrim must have looked really out of place. I also don”t think his age would have been against him. But I liked the story and really wish you well with it. I would love to read more.

    #15Report this comment

  • Lucie Johnston
    Tuesday 27 September, 2011, 1:25 PM

    I enjoyed this, I”m also rooting for the chaperone to be the heroine though!

    I felt quickly drawn in and would definitely read the next chapter to find out more about the blackmail plot.

    #14Report this comment

  • Tuesday 27 September, 2011, 11:20 AM

    You have a real knowledge of the regency period and really swept me into the dance with your Lords and Ladies. I like the promise of excitement with a blackmailer, and I like Robert”s own personal quest for a bride. Really, you write very well. There were no grammatical errors to jar your prose, and you use words sparingly, so there was a tightness to your work.

    If I had any complaints, it”s that Isabelle seems an unlikely heroine. All in all, she seems just a little too perfect, a little too golden. I would have liked a scene told from your heroine”s perspective too; the chapter was dedicated to Robert”s thoughts, and he seemed to jump a little too quickly from thoughts of blackmailers to Isabelle”s beauty and his irritation at her suitors. My interest waned just a little once Isabelle came into the prose; I wanted more information about the blackmailing, and something from Isabelle herself to add an extra dimension to the story.

    I sense that you really are going somewhere with this story though, and I note from your comments that “not everyone in this story is what they seem”… I hope the next chapter really will start to add to an already well constructed story.

    Well done and all the best.x

    #13Report this comment

  • Eileen Gormley
    Sunday 25 September, 2011, 9:52 PM

    I don”t want to drop spoilers, but not everyone in this story is what they seem….

    #12Report this comment

  • Friday 23 September, 2011, 2:50 PM

    Hi Eileen, I liked the dialogue between Robert and the chaperone – what a thankless job it must have been. I thought your characterisation of the hero was coming along well but I didn”t get much about the heroine. Love the idea of a detective story. Good luck with this. Anne

    #11Report this comment

  • Deborah Mc Keown
    Thursday 22 September, 2011, 6:11 PM

    Excellent, I want more. You painted a very vivid picture.

    #10Report this comment

  • Eileen Gormley
    Wednesday 21 September, 2011, 7:05 PM

    Thank you all for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it.

    Because it”s a mystery as well as a romance, I can”t say too much, but you definitely find out more about the blackmail soon.

    #9Report this comment

  • D Glynn
    Tuesday 20 September, 2011, 9:19 PM

    You managed to create a vivid image of Robert”s world in such a short space of time. I really felt immersed in the dance. The combination of a love interest and the blackmail sets the scene up nicely for what lies ahead. I hope to read on and find out more about Robert and co.!

    #8Report this comment

  • Laura Flaherty
    Monday 19 September, 2011, 10:16 PM

    Hi Eileen, I was really feeling for Robert. That chapereon is a real piece of work. I was just waiting for Isabella to stand up to her! I would like to have heard a little bit more about the blackmail but I really enjoyed your first chapter and I hope to read more soon. Good Luck.

    #7Report this comment

  • Monday 19 September, 2011, 9:06 PM

    the bit about a blackmailer – suddenly mentioned in the third paragraph seemed to come out of nowhere and go nowhere. I think the writer was going for surprise or shock and intrique, but maybe getting to know the characters first would have helped so that I cared and became concerned when I read that.

    #6Report this comment

  • Caroline McCall
    Monday 19 September, 2011, 7:26 PM

    Lovely style. A Regency Detective – Intruiging, and really well written. I bet the dragon is the heroine. Loved it ,and can”t wait for Chapter Two.

    Best of Luck with this!

    #5Report this comment

  • Isobel Jagger
    Monday 19 September, 2011, 6:10 PM

    I would read on as well.

    #4Report this comment

  • Hillary Brotherton
    Monday 19 September, 2011, 5:51 PM

    I liked it! I would love to learn more. I”m a little confused if the chaperone is the heroine or is it Isabelle? If its Isabelle I”d like to know more about her. Miss Beason was super appealing and funny. Good luck!

    #3Report this comment

  • P Tallboys
    Monday 19 September, 2011, 11:53 AM

    Would like to know what his sister is being blackmailed for!

    Am looking forward to more chapters, you definately have my interest to read the rest of the story.

    #2Report this comment

  • Sue Watkins
    Monday 19 September, 2011, 11:50 AM

    “…not for his broad shoulders, but for Mostrim’s broad acres.”

    Loved that line! Would be interested in reading what happens next. Does the dragon manage to keep him from the lovely Isabelle?

    #1Report this comment

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Sapati’s Story

I was only a hatchling when I last saw my mother. Elegant and aloof,
Kirat would come down to the nursery, and check that the drones who
looked after us were doing their job.

Between visits, I used to dream that she would look at me and smile.
She would single me out and say something special. She would praise
me, and all my siblings would want to play with me.

She would stop them teasing me about my wings. She wouldn’t care if
they were not growing properly. Flying is not the end of the world.

But when Kirat finally did stop and look at me, her eyes were cool and
assessing. She asked me my name and my age, and nodded thoughtfully.
Then she leaned over and kissed me.

I couldn’t contain my delight, and looked round hoping the others had
noticed. They had, but weren’t as jealous as I had expected. Some of
them looked pityingly at me.

Before she left, my mother spoke to the nursery drones. I saw her
watching me, and beamed. I was so happy.

That night, my eldest sister Blaha woke me up and told me we were
going away together.

Now I was going to meet Kirat again.

The door of the great ceremonial chamber was flung open and she strode
in.  I had a few minutes to study her before she noticed me.

She was awe inspiring. I had heard people in the palace talking about
her, complaining that she considered herself several ranks above the
queen. I could see why. She was large, with powerful wings that flared
out behind her. Her silvery hair flowed down her back, and highlighted
her crystalline eyes.

A tangle of gold and diamond necklaces jangled when she moved. She
smelled of the desert.

She looked beautiful and regal, and I hoped that the other royal wards
saw her. That would stop them teasing me. Not that they were bad,
nothing like my siblings, but sometimes they said things.

She didn’t see me at first. All her attention was on Blaha, who was
kissing, and arguing, with both her fiancees. I winced. I knew Kirat
wouldn’t like that. She had strong views about how to behave in

I wasn’t sure what Blaha’s job was. She worked for the queen and she
once told me she had to be invisible for her job, so she hid her rank
and family badges. Kirat  attacked her for her wanton behaviour and
for not wearing her status symbols.

Unsure what to do, I hovered between them. Not literally, of course, I
can’t do that though I keep trying. Blaha was the best sister ever,
but this was my mother.

Kirat turned away from Blaha, and saw me. For a moment, she didn’t
recognise me, then her face tightened, as if she smelled something
bad. I sniffed. No, not me, I had a bath that morning. Then she took
in what I was wearing and my rank badge, and she smiled.

Finally, my mother was smiling at me. I rushed to her arms. She hugged
me, then stood back to admire me.

“Sapati. I wouldn’t have known you.”

“Did you miss me?”

“Of course.  How you’ve grown. Look at you.” She indicated my rank
badge. “Are you really a ward of the Queen?”

I straightened my shoulders and stood up to my full height. I came
level with her shoulder. “Yes.”

“Do you know the Queen?”

I nodded. “Would you like to meet the other royal wards?”

Kirat agreed, and I led her to where they were watching all the drama.
Ha, who’s a houseless hatchling now? I stopped in front of the firsts
one and introduced them.

Kirat smiled graciously and questioned him about his parents, but when
she discovered that he rarely saw them, she lost interest, so I led
her to another royal ward. Smile, question, disappointment. He
chattered, and she cut him off. “You can go now.”

I led her to my best friend Cigam, but my heart was sinking. Kirat
only seemed interested in their parents, and most of my friends didn’t
see them often.

Sometimes there is not much difference between a royal ward and a
royal hostage. Not in my case, of course. Kirat didn’t even know I was
in the palace, I wasn’t a hostage.

“So you don’t even know who your third father is?” Kirat’s voice had
gone sharp and Cigam was hot with embarrassment. I knew she didn’t
like to talk about that.

I tried to pull her away, but she kept saying awful things to poor
Cigam. “He could be a human for all you know.”

“I like humans,” I interrupted, more loudly than I had intended. Kirat
glared, but at least she wasn’t tormenting Cigam any more. “You should
meet Luis, he’s really cool and he calls everyone “Dawg”. He’s going
to take me to Miami to learn free running. He says I have the right
body shape for it.”

Kirat wasn’t interested in Luis. “These are the people you know?” she asked.

“I know most of the serving drones and the guards too,” I told her. I
didn’t mention the new king. Kirat had just attacked Blaha for kissing
him in public, so I kept quiet about watching Earther films with him.
She wouldn’t be interested in that.

She looked around in disgust. “This place is a shambles.” Then she
turned back to me, with the very same look. “I think going to earth
with that human is an excellent idea. You can send me a postcard.”

Then she turned away, collected her entourage with a glance, and strode out.

It was the last time I saw my mother.

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That Gareth Kavanagh and the rest of the Octocon committee obviously never sleep.

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That Sarah Rees Brennan is a reading machine. Mention a book, any book, and she’s read it.

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That the Red Shoes fairy tale is one of the nastiest horror stories around.

That there are enough free books on the net to keep anyone happy. Pay for the ones that are not being offered for free. Writers need to eat too.

That women can’t write Science fiction because they insist on putting in (shudder) relationships.

That Italian movies about pissing are hilarious.

That the city is a really bad place to be if there’s an apocalypse. You’ll get hit by a bomb, or eaten by a zombie, or infected with the plague, and you’ll run out of food very quickly.

That Ireland was the only country in Europe not decimated by the Black Death – because we lived in the country and drank water from streams. Savages.

That even the big name writers have been rejected.

That Hell in Wexford Street make seriously good pizza.

That Dave Lally is clearly Peter Pan’s brother.

That Peadar O’Guillin can talk for hours on end and keep a smile on his face.

That Ruth Long has gorgeous children.

High protein, low calorie dessert

Dissolve a sachet of sugar-free jelly in one third of a pint of hot water.

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Blend until it”s smooth with no curds visible.

Add a tray of ice cubes 2958/2013/ giochi casino /Ena del 23 gennaio 2013 – Regolamentazione del gioco Superstar – allegato A – allegato B23-01-2013 – Bingo Elenco delle convenzioni di concessione per la gestione del Bingo – aggiornato al 23 gennaio 201323-01-2013 – Bandi e concorsi Avviso di concorso pubblico per l’assegnazione di una nuova rivendita in Negrar (VR) 22-01-2013 – Disciplina antiriciclaggio – Servizio telematico Nota prot. and the rest of the hot jelly mixture.

Blend until you can”t hear any ice rattling.

Pour into four containers and put into the fridge to set.


Per portion: calories 57, protein 7g, carbs 1g, fat 2g.


Not only is this dessert high protein and low calorie, it contain casein and gelatin, both of which have a high satiety score, so you won”t feel hungry afterwards.

Turning your phone into an e-reader

If you have a smart phone, you already have an e-reader. A smart phone
is any phone with Android, Symbian, Windows, or an iPhone.

The easiest way to get Kindle on your phone is to go to
(or and join up. You need your

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e-mail address, your
credit card and a password. You need a user name, but it need not be
your real name.

Amazon has an extremely good record of keeping credit cards secure. It
will accept a regular credit card or a pre-paid one like the O2 money

Browse through the Kindle store, see what books you like. You can
search for specific books (like “Don’t Feed the Fairies”) or for
authors, or genres. You can also search by price, lowest to highest,
which will give you list of e-books which are free or extremely cheap.
Click “buy” on the books you fancy.

Then turn on your phone, and go to the Android market, OviStore or
ApStore. Search for Kindle, and download it. It’s a free ap. Once it’s
installed, it will ask for your e-mail address and password. Put those
in, and all the books you bought on the computer will automatically
download to your phone, ready for you to read.

You can set the size of text you want, the background colour, how
bright you want the screen, to your own preferences. Then read your
book. Touch the right side of the screen to turn to the next page, the
left side to go back a page. When you stop reading, your phone will
remember exactly where you stopped and restart at that point.

Happy reading

Babies and Sleep: fact and fallacy

You know how you get all

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those people saying “Bottle fed babies sleep longer, you know”? Well, it turns out they are right.

Dr Kathleen Kendall-Thackett Ph.D IBCLC did a sleep study involving over 6000 babies and found that, yes, bottle fed babies do sleep slightly longer than breastfed babies.

BUT (and this is the important point) breastfeeding MOTHERS sleep longer than bottle feeding mothers. They fall asleep quicker and feel less tired and more healthy during the day.

Exclusively breastfeeding mothers get more and better sleep than bottle feeding mothers. One big surprise is that the group that did the worst was the combination feeders, who did both breast and bottle.

Go to for more details

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